Edward Ian McLellan

August 9, 1954 – May 7, 2022

Eddy passed peacefully after struggling many years with end stage cardiac disease.  He was predeceased by his parents, Don & Blandine and three brothers, Don, Patrick, Roderick. 

He leaves behind his family whose hearts are broken.  His wife,  Sharon, his children Cale (Asami) (Kenji -June 2022), Lisa (Ben) Liam & Devon, Jeremy (Camille) Ella, Stephan (Alyssa) Peyton and Aidah;  his brothers Jim (Linda), Bruce, Stuart, Kevin (Kim);  sisters, Beatrice (Bob), Dorothy (Ron), Sherrin (Jerry), Jeanna (Barry) and many nieces and nephews.  

 I first met Eddy when I was 17, I thought he was very good looking, and he was kind and a quiet man. He was always very supportive of me and was my best friend.  He was a good husband, that’s who he was. 

 Eddy loved his children and grandchildren, they were his life. The children remember him for his limitless patience, his laugh and his insights. Nothing could get him down. He was so strong for the kids when they needed him. He cheered them up fun and silliness. They knew they could always count on Dad. He taught the children what it meant to be part of a family. He was a good good father, that was who he was.

Eddy was also devoted to his mom after his dad passed. He would visit her regularly and they were very close. He loved to take the kids and go over and visit her, brightening her day and keeping the family connection strong. He was a good son,  that was who he was.

Ed was also close to his brothers and sisters.  He was the 10th of 12 kids, and they all stayed close to each other and Ed had nothing but good memories growing up on Brooklyn Street.  He was a good brother, that was who he was. 

He worked selling paper and was the company’s best salesman for years. He had a good relationship with all his clients.  He was very proud that he could tell you anything about paper just by the feel and mark.  After he left that job he worked for many years at photo radar; a job he really enjoyed, especially the fellowship with his co-workers.  He was a good friend and good worker, that was who he was. 

No formal service will be held but a Celebration of Life will be held  on Monday May 23rd from 5 to 7 pm at the Viscount Gort Hotel.  Please stop by and share any memories with his family. 

Family and friends are invited to share memories and condolences on Eddy’s memory page by using the comment field below.

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13 thoughts on “Edward Ian McLellan

  1. Bruce Mclellan

    Will always be a spot for you at the Cribbage table brother and a cup of coffee . Thanks for being a straight forward loving brother Eddy . You will be missed and remembered .

  2. Jean Safruik

    We miss you so much already Ed.
    Love you.
    Jean & Barry

  3. Ian and Barb

    Our deepest condolences to Ed’s family. Having grown up in St. James, we
    Went to school with Ed and some of his brothers.
    Ian and Barb (Henry) Brown

  4. Jim McLellan

    King of the mini pool table and table tennis when we were kids at 477 Brooklyn. Keeper of the couch! You always took time to ask about our boys whenever we were together. We enjoyed your company. Your cup runneth over!
    Jim and Linda McLellan

  5. Curtis McLellan

    As a child I was drawn to Uncle Ed’s easy laugh and friendly demeanor. Always a treat to cross paths with him at grandma’s house!
    Rest In Peace.

  6. Craig Vallance

    So sad to hear that Ed passed away. We were childhood friends growing up on Brooklyn St. and I have too many memories to list. Ed was one of the nicest guys I ever knew. His family are so close and I always admired that. We send our condolences to the family.

  7. Sherrin m Bellefeuille

    Bye Chookie – missing you. Love, Sherrin

  8. Pete & Mary (Kelly) Penman

    Always had a great time going to school with Ed, just hanging around the old Britannia school steps, lot’s of fun back then.
    Anytime bumping into Ed , as so called adults, he always had a smile, a friendly welcome, we would reminisce, always having a few good laughs.
    R.I.P my friend.

  9. Steve McLellan

    Uncle Ed,

    Thank you for talking and spending time with us a when we were little. I remember sitting at the table with you and Jo Jo (Joel) at Muzzie’s. Thank you for explaining the mysteries of companies and work and I can even imagine what else we wanted to know, but the stories were always told straight with a nod a smile. Cheers.

    Your nephew,
    Steve McLellan

  10. Joel Mclellan

    Few people have created the impact of that of my uncle Ed in my life. His is a spirit of genuine joy, compassion, love and happiness was exceptional. . I will always find peace in remembering his smile and kind nature. Although he has past on to the next realm, it will never diminish the fond memories and impact of his genuine sweet nature. We have all been blessed with knowing him and being in his warm and inviting company.

  11. Trish wakelin

    I will always remember Ed for who he was. A very kind , caring, loving man. Ed always put his family first. Ed was the most patient person I’ve ever met. His smile would give you warmth and light up any room he walked into. Ed was an amazing father and grandfather. Rest In Peace Ed. ❤️

  12. Jean Safruik


    You left tracks of happy memories across my heart.
    I’ll love you always.

    (aka Jeanna)

  13. Jean & Barry Safruik

    You are on my mind today. So strong is the feeling. Are you saying hello?
    Wondering how eveyone is doing? We all miss you so much.
    Much love,

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