Sonia Gulbis

Peacefully in the early morning of October 19, 2022, at Park Manor, Sonia passed away at the age of 99 years.

In accordance with her wishes, cremation has taken place and no formal service will be held.

Are You There Momma?

All it takes is one picture, one memory, one song
Ever since you left us everything seems wrong
The sadness can hit me and knock me on the floor
They say it gets easier but it’s hurting so much more
I still can hear your voice and I visualize your face
But all I want is to have you right back in your place
Can you hear me momma, in my dreams I call for you
And I try so hard to get to you but I don’t know what to do
Can you see me momma, are you watching over me?
Is Heaven all they say it is, are you healthy and happy?
Your family is hurting; it’s so hard since you’ve been gone
I’m crying so much now, but I once was very strong
Losing you has changed me, made me someone new
I know you want me happy so I’ll try to be that for you
Please watch over us all, from your perch up in the sky
And every time I think of you I’ll try hard not to cry
Can you hear me momma, calling out your name
I feel you all around me, but it’ll never be the same
Can you see me momma, as you look down from your cloud?
I hope and pray with all my might that I still make you proud.

              – Katherine Gallagher

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5 thoughts on “Sonia Gulbis

  1. Donna Charney

    I love you Mom..For Being such a Great Mother, For all the Guidance You Have Given Me…All My Life
    I will miss your Smile..The Laughter, We shared together, That very Special Bond a First-Born has with a Parent
    You raised me; To be the Daughter, Wife, and Mother I have become
    I Hope I did you Proud…Now I know Why You always taught me to be strong Mom…You knew how difficult Tour Loss would be for me
    I will Hold My Memories..close to My Heart. I am Most Definitely..”My Mothers Daughter.
    Luv You Always…You “Little Donna.

  2. Barbara Charney

    HUGS to Ron, Dona and Shannon. You have great memories and she will always be with you. Love Barb and Catherine. Xoxo

  3. Donna

    I thought of you with Love Today
    But, That is nothing New
    I thought about You, Yesterday..and days Before That too
    I think of You in silence
    I often Speak Your Name
    All I have are Memories
    and Your Picture in a Frame
    Your Memory is My Keepsake
    with which…I will Never Part
    God has you in his Keeping
    I have you in My Heart

  4. Shannon Charney

    Nov 08, 2022
    To my Gramms ….

    Thank you for sharing the last 47 years of the incredible 99 you graced this earth – I’m privileged to be your granddaughter, and have many fond memories filled with laughter, fun, smiles and wisdom, and I cherish each and every one. You always had a kind word, and a twinkle in your eyes that followed; and when you smiled, it lit up a room, likely followed by a giggle or two.

    From the early days of ‘helping’ you wash dishes while standing on a chair, to baking cookies and cream puffs and meringues, and Sundays waking up to the smell of dollar cakes and BeeHive syrup. You were a wizard in the kitchen – to that all of us can attest 😊 Those famous meatballs and spaghetti sauce, and perfect pickled beets … mincemeat pies like no other! And a penchant for chocolate-covered ginger, Toffifee, Russian Mints, Skittles and those lovely fresh raspberries…. It’s “dessert-first” as a rule. And of course some lovely orange pekoe tea, with a little lemon (perhaps even a little milk and honey).

    Our fun times doing crosswords and playing cribbage and Scrabble games; watching your favourite Blue Jays play out a winning season, and perhaps a Sunday to bet on #10. Fishing at Lockport dam, with a stop for a whistle dog and a little rainbow ice-cream. It feels like yesterday that I was shelling peas into that pail in the garden (while I listened to you and Aunty Elsie giggle between the corn rows)…. Or ‘helped’ you two colour your hair – thru watery eyes ..tried to help you rinse it in the tub lol. Picking out a favourite lipstick to wear. Nightly regimens of Oil of Olay, and always making sure it ended with ‘The Lords Prayer’.

    The days of lingering in the flower garden, admiring the snapdragons and marigolds. And later years smelling the lavender, roses, and those pom-pom hydrangeas! On a hot day, having a sit on the step together while Gramps tended to the weeping willow and his prized blue spruce… with ice cold lemonades and ham & ketchup sandwiches to share … enjoying the gentle breeze. The many times we had to stop to catch our breath from laughing so hard we could only wheeze!

    Looking at family albums together, seeing the pictures of you & Gramps ‘painting the town red’ as you walked down Portage Avenue – so elegantly dressed with smiles that lit up the block! The fun you two had on that BC trip you took. Stories of the farm, and Baba making sure a neighbourhood family always joined you for Sunday dinner. And all those fun years at the ‘Santa House’ next door … surround by your family and friends, laughter pealing up the stairs… songs and stories shared with all of those held dear. The big trip down to Chicago – so much fun at the Sox game, and time with family! Having fun bowling with friends and doing your nails while you caught a good movie on your fav’ TV.

    Our shopping excursions and love of the Vinyl Diaries, and fun nights out for Chinese food – so many memories to share. The fun excursions this summer, at the Zoo, and out for dinner (wine? Who knew that would happen at 99 😉). Adventures at the mall and spending time with Higgsby and in St Andrews with Mom and Dad for a pickerel feast – so much love in the air! Just spending time with you was a gift, and I’m grateful that throughout it all we made time to be and remember together – that is something I’ll always have with me… a part of you, in my memories.

    So today I honour all that you are, and the beautiful soul that is now going ‘home’. Where you can listen to ‘Major Tom’ (P. Schilling), and I know many loved ones are waiting for you, and I will be with you again someday. Until then, just know you are always cherished, and I thank you for loving me and making my life incredible by just being you, every step of the way.
    Love Shan-Shan

  5. Chris Pochinko

    Sorry for your loss Dona, Ron and Shannon. It sounds like she was a very beautiful and kind person. Shannon it’s so nice for you to have so many great memories of your grandmother. Condolences to all.

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