Anna Elizabeth Lesley Gagnon


Born December 13, 1945, in Watford Herts, England. I’ve had a wonderful life journey with my husband JC (Curly) Gagnon (pre-deceased) and the privilege of raising my two wonderful daughters, Nicola (Marty) and Danielle (Conroy).  I’ve also had many years of joy watching and helping my grandchildren grow: Devin, Bailey, Jaycee, Orion and Skylar.

Living in Petersfield gave me the opportunity to enjoy the country life; random celebrations with friends and the many hours volunteering and fundraising on projects for Interlake Co-op Nursery School, William S Patterson School, Petersfield Hall, the Duck Monument, St.Anne’s Church and many more alongside with my late husband Curly.

I am pre-deceased by my brother Roger Figg and leave behind many family members in England.  My brother John (and family); Pat (and family); my long-lost sister Lynn (and family). Special Relatives: Mihai and Luminita (and Family), Rhea Rodych-Rasidescu and all the special Gagnon’s in my life.

To my extended family, Joe & Del Janisch (and family); Chris & Lenore Caldwell (and family).  What a ride we’ve had!  All the ups and downs, crying and laughing.

I lived in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.  I visited Venice, the Greek Islands and Romania.

I’ve been a hair stylist, a nail specialist, owned a greenhouse, and served many years in Home Care and working at the Selkirk Mental Health Hospital.  I took great pride in my jobs and had the privilege of meeting people in their most vulnerable moments.

Thank you to the Never Alone Foundation and their wonderful supporters who give and don’t get a chance to see how much their gifts brighten lives in such a dark time.

Thank you to my Cancer Care Team and the many specialists. My sincere gratitude to the nurses, technicians, first responders, emergency room staff and heath care aids for their gentle hands and encouraging hugs.  They are the backbone of comfort and recovery.

It’s my time to go, we all get there one way or another.  I had a good run and will live on in the hearts that touched mine. When life gets crazy take the time to “Be Still”, keep your eyes open, an answer will come, doors will open.

Nicola & Danielle are grateful for the love and support of friends and family. Take care of my girls.

Love always,

Anna Gagnon

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