Melville Douglas McIntyre (updated)

February 6, 1963 – July 3, 2023

We are heartbroken to announce the sudden tragic passing of our father Melville McIntyre on July 3, 2023 at the age of 60.

Mel leaves behind his Daughters, Trish (Abel), Tabitha (Randy) and Son Chadwick (Michelle) grandchildren Sky-Lee (Tyler), Tyler, Paige, Vaughn, Marisol, Dixie, Zander and Marcos; great grandchildren Emmery, Bella and Bryson; sisters Shirley Ramsey (Doug), Cheryl-Dawn Wiebe; brothers Gordon McIntyre and Will Paget; sister in law Patricia Thompson and special friend Sherri Mayne;  many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncle and friends. 

Mel is predeceased by his wife Shelley, mother Ann, father Mel, brother Les, sister Lynn, father in law Orville and mother in law Annabelle. 

Mel married Shelley in 1981, had Trisha in 1982, Tabitha in 1984 and Chadwick in 1986. Mel became a Papa for the first time in 1998. Mel loved his family very much, he would do anything for them. Mel was a loving, caring, energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, funny, intelligent, inspiring, stubborn, and supportive man who would help out anyone in need. 

Mel worked for the City of Winnipeg for 33 years until his recent retirement in February 2023. 

Mel loved to spend time with his family, whether it was going to Winnipeg Beach, Tinker Town, fishing, baseball, football, hockey, fireworks, sitting around a fire, going to the Assiniboia Downs, playing cards, playing board and lawn games, visiting his nephew and niece Jim, Loreen and children, spending time with his nephew Shane (Crow) and his girlfriend Kim.  The list is never ending. 

There is so much that we can say about dad that we don’t know where to begin, he was a devoted husband to Shelley for 35 years, a wonderful father to his 3 children, amazing papa to his 8 grandchildren, fabulous great papa to his 3 great grandchildren. He has numerous nieces and nephews he was close to along with his friends from work. He was loved by all.

Growing up with Mel as our father was amazing, he taught us how to walk, ride a bike, play soccer, baseball, hockey, and how to fish. Pops was always our biggest fan right along with our momma. He would pick us up when we fell, he would clean busted chins, scraped knees, kiss the boo- boos better and wipe our tears. As we got older he taught us the importance of believing in ourselves like he believed in us. When he became a papa he would always say, if I knew it was this easy and great having grandchildren, I would have started with them, lol. When we would tell him one of the kids did something that wasn’t the greatest he would always say well where do you think they got that from, you put your mom and I through so much now we get to laugh and say haha to you guys. He was always very supportive and proud of all his grand babies, cheering them on either in person or afar, he was always their greatest and loudest supporter. When there was an illness, broken bone or surgery he was sure to send his love and support to his grandbabies. 

The three of us were lucky and honored as we got to walk down the aisle with him by our side as we got passed to our forevers from the man that gave us our beginnings. 

Mel spent time after his retirement with Sherri walking at Birds Hill, going to Bomber games (he loved his season tickets), going to Jets games (even though he was a Leaf fan), going away for weekends at Tall Pines, making his dreams of going to Cuba come true, camping, and playing cards with his old forestry buddy, Randy. He was enjoying life and the freedom of not having to work so hard everyday. He earned it and sadly it was cut way to short.

We will miss you dearly, we love you whole world much.

A Celebration of  Life will be held on July 29th 2023 from 1pm till 4 at four crowns restaurant, 1030 Mcphillips street. 

Family and friends are invited to share memories and condolences on Melville’s memorial page by using the comment field below.

11 thoughts on “Melville Douglas McIntyre (updated)

  1. Tabitha Zenuik

    I miss you, I miss you so much. I need you daddy. I want to phone you so I can hear hey kid one more time. I want to hear your laugh again. I’d give any thing to feel the comfort of your arms right now. I love you whole world much Pop.

  2. Nikki Shumey

    Tab, Chad and Trish: words do not exist to describe the heartbreak I feel for you all. Mel was always there, so many memories of being with this family and he was present. Mel had a knack to make you feel like one of his own. He’d put an arm around you and you would feel at home. I cannot fathom the hole this has left in your hearts, I can only pray that healing and peace be brought upon you all. If anything, cherish the thought that Mom and Pops are reunited again and will watch over their babies together. All our love and thoughts go out to you.

  3. Susan

    Mel was wonderful to work with because he was steady and a gentleman.
    He often pushed himself until he was drenched in sweat and exhausted.
    And at day’s end, his joy about leaving the city behind was palpable.
    Coming Home by Ian Thomas was a tune that Mel felt.

    I wish each of you comfort in your heart.
    You will get through this.

  4. Sherri Mayne

    hey baby you are the love of my life and I miss you so very very much and I can’t believe we won’t be together again and we were everything to each other and you were my love my life and my everything and always will be and we’re still together even though your not down here with me and I love you baby very very much always and forever and forever kisses and hugs baby (Mel) Rest In Peace my love 😍 just remember we love each other always and forever and forever and you will always be my snuggle bear bye bye baby I love you nite nite baby I love ❤️ you 😭😭❤️❤️😊😊

  5. Sherri Mayne

    Mel Mcintyre my man my love my everything my baby Callie are baby girl misses her dad so much and loves you so much to!

  6. Louise Rawluk

    So sorry for loss guys , if you guys need anything let me know

  7. Monika Deschutter

    What started as a place to pitch tents for a baseball tournament, quickly turned into birthday parties, lawn darts, botchy ball, and family. We spent countless summers out in teulon. mel moving to the city is what pushed us to get a cabin! Just a couple weekends a go we set it up and I swear if I listen hard enough I can still hear you laughing! You are very missed !!!!

  8. Judy Shkolny

    My sincere heartfelt condolences to Chad, Michelle, and Paige on your terrible loss. Losing a loved one is not easy especially. Your memories will last a lifetime. Chad your Dad sounded like a wonderful father and friend and he will be greatly missed. Take care my friend.

  9. will paget

    I remember when I was 14,15,16, when ever I was in your car with your friends, you would always spark up a joint. When it came my turn, I said no, the 2nd hand smoke was enough to put me to sleep, then everyone started laughing!

    I remember when Jimmy, Douglas, you, me and nelson, used to play a game on the rail road tracks when we walked downtown at the beach. Who ever stepped on a plank with a metal number was out,haha.

    I remember I was about 10 or 11, we were at the beach, staying in the shack. You were holding a BB gun, because something kept banging on the walls at night. So you were going to be our hero. When the banging started I remember looking to see what you were going to do, and you froze, looking straight ahead, haha. We later learned it was the old lady next door, trying to scare us off our property.

    I remember when I was 17 turning 18 at midnight, at the beach, I think there was you, me, Jimmy, Gordon, and Nelson. WE were playing football in the front yard. Then at midnight we all went to the Beach Hotel, for my 1st of age, legal beer.

    These are just a few fond memories I keep close to my heart, when ever I think of you.
    Funny how these memories come back to you after so many years.

    I am sure you are looking down on all of us, smoking a big, fat joint, and smiling and laughing in joy at all of us.
    I am going to miss you brother, you were taken far too soon.
    Until we see each other again,
    Love from your little brother, Billy.

  10. Trish Gutierrez

    Dad, I don’t even know what to say or where to start. I feel so num, my emotions are all over the place. You are so missed and love ❤️

  11. Paige Mcintyre

    I miss you so much papa, you meant the world to me and you always made me smile with your stupid jokes. I love you whole world much, I promise ill take good care of kali, I know she misses you. I don’t have much to say but I know it’s there I miss you a lot.

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