Thomas Frank Raabe

We are heartbroken to announce the tragic and sudden passing of our brother, Tom Raabe.

Further obituary to follow.

Friends and family are invited to share memories and condolences on Tom’s memorial page by using the comment field below.

15 thoughts on “Thomas Frank Raabe

  1. Al Drohomereski

    So very saddened at Tom’s passing. Sincere condolences to the family.

    • Mike Raabe

      Thank you Al. Much appreciated.

  2. Barry Hutsel

    I knew Tom via my cousin Doug back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when he was just a pup … well, me too. Tom, Doug and I would go to bars together, drink beer, have a smoke, and hope some fancy girl would dance with us. Well that never happened. We kept in contact for some time after that until life just accelerated and swallowed us up. I am truly saddened by Tom’s passing and wish him well in oblivion.

  3. Eleanor Laminger

    Condolences to all that knew him.

  4. Brian Moroz

    My mother, Lorne, Karen and myself are sending our deepest condolences to you and your families.

    • Mike Raabe

      Thanks for your condolences Brian. And my kind and fond regards to you and your family. Ahh. The good old times!


  5. Gord Boswick

    Deepest condolences to Tom’s family. Worked with Tom for many years when he was a Network Planner at MTS. Then enjoyed our retirement lunches and beers to reminisce and have some laughs. You will be missed Tom.

  6. Neil Hutsel

    What an extremely difficult year for the Raabe family. To all the siblings of Tom, please know I stand by your side in friendship and sorrow as you mourn the loss of your brother. My recollections of Tom include him playing dentist with me by removing a couple of my front teeth courtesy of his errant hockey stick at Teakwood Gardens, the removal of neighbourhood mailboxes much to the dismay of various parents, hopper hunts, and a whole host of other endeavours that us Teakwood Terrors engaged in. Seemed like almost all those great childhood memories involved Tom. He was just a great guy to know. Although many years have passed since I saw him last, Tom you will be missed and fondly remembered.

  7. Douglas H.

    Growing up on Teakwood with Tom, we bonded for “LIFE”. He was the Bestman at
    my wedding and me for him and Pat. With very similar political and social views we were always able to live and laugh together. After his divorce, we drifted apart. Most sincere condolences to his siblings, Mike, Nobs and Monica.
    Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, although it’s difficult today to see beyond our sorrows, reflecting back on the good time memories may help to comfort you, going forward.
    I know that we never lose the people we LOVE, even to death.
    Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.
    We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having had Tom a part of it.

    • John Seaurse

      Hi Doug
      Nice remembrance. Lots of water gone under the bridge since we last talked.
      Maybe see you at the funeral service, if there is one.

  8. Clint

    Very sad to learn of Tom’s passing. I worked with Tom for a few years in Planning at MTS, and ran into him again just last year. He was extolling the joys of driving around in his Mustang, and I hope he is still doing so, with a bottomless tank of gas.

  9. Cheryl Christian

    My sincere condolences to Tom’s family for your loss. Very saddened to learn of his passing. I met Tom many times in my role on West St. Paul Council. He attended many council coffee times and always had a big smile and great questions for me. Always very thoughtful and respectful. Last Canada Day we enjoyed pancake breakfast together and had a great visit. His love for West St. Paul and family was always evident in our visits. He will be missed by many who had an opportunity to know him.
    Cheryl Christian, Former Mayor, West St. Paul

  10. Karin Lotoski

    I enjoyed being German with Brigitte, though I did not see her since pre pandemic. She was a very welcoming lady. And now even Tom has been called home by the Lord. Tom used to work with my husband Joe Lotoski (now deceased) at MTS. I am sorry to hear your family has been bereft so soon of its members. My prayers are with and for you.

  11. Melody Raabe

    I was so profoundly heartbroken to hear about Tom’s death. That day started out like any other day, I woke up, the sun came out, dogs were barking and then my Chelsea called me to tell me that her beloved Uncle Tom had died under tragic circumstances. I just paced the floor for several hours thinking about all the moments with Tom over the years so special to Chelsea and Chase and those moments of clarity just stream rolled a fresh wave of grief our way.

    The kids have barley slept, we are all still in disbelief. Tom’s loss is a significant one. He was a positive male mentor in the lives of all his nieces and nephews as he always offered his own unique perspective. No more silly jokes, no more arguing about politics, no more debates on what songs are very dumb, and most importantly no more Uncle Tom at family events.

    I know that if I am experiencing these emotions what the family must be going through and wondering how they will go on without him. It would be impossible to explain the huge hole they are now suffering from. Grief is such a punishing emotion.

    Although Tom had no children of his own he showed so much love to my Chelsea and chase since the beginning. Chase in particular felt deeply connected to Uncle Tom as they are similar and understood each other. Chase told me how thoughtful Tom was to him always taking time to talk to him and inspire him to try new things. Chase said he had a sense of humor that was under estimated and that his jokes were silly but witty. I remember when Chase was around 10 years old he received so much Canadian Tire money from him as an birthday gift because he remembered telling him he was collecting to buy a tent. Chase said “in a world full of uncles he was a good one”.haha

    Chelsea told me that Tom never sided or picked one over the other. He was the buffer to help each family member try and see the others side and that she loved that about him so much.

    Tom was my brother-in-law for almost 2 decades and he was there for my kids from the beginning and was always so kind to me. We shared a wonderful friendship. In fact our last conversation together was at Chelsea and Braden’s wedding. He told me how proud he was of Chels and Chase and “I did good” and that Braden was a great addition to the family. I am so grateful for having that last moment with him and will remember his last smile to me for the rest of my life.

    Braden and was just getting to know Tom, but said it was so obvious how much he loved his profession and is saddened that he will now miss those chances of learning new things from him. He is happy that they had some special moments with Tom at their home last summer.

    Well Tom you are not alone anymore, and you will never be forgotten. Everyone that loved you will carry you into their futures always remembering you and what you brought to their lives.

    “The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and the other begins” EdgarAllanPoe

    Rest in Peace.

  12. Dana and Darren Sachvie

    Monica and family,
    We were shocked to hear of Tom’s passing, our hearts go out to you with the sudden and tragic loss of Tom. Sending hugs and hoping you may find comfort in your memories. Rest in peace Tom.

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