Charles Douglas Boitson

With You Again

28 years of happiness just wasn’t enough time
To show the world that you were mine.
There are no words to express how sad I feel,
How lost I am without you; it does not feel real.

The day you left, no words did you speak.
I held you in my arms and the words, they were mine.
I hope you heard me because you were weak.
No one can answer, but I will find out in time.

Married to you I will always be.
Memories we made will stay with me.
Warm in the feeling that you’re still around,
Knowing one day all will be found.

Come to me, darling, in all of my dreams
So I can see you again with my eyes.
Whisper sweet nothings while I’m asleep,
More loving memories that I can keep.

Wait for me, sweetheart, while my life drifts on by.
Sure in the knowledge that one day I’ll fly
Back to your arms that will be waiting for me,
Back to your heart where I’ve wanted to be.

Rest assured, babe, my heart is all yours.
No one could ever replace what I’ve lost.
Safe in my heart you will always stay
Until my last breath, until my last day.

5 thoughts on “Charles Douglas Boitson

  1. Lynette Boitson

    My dearest Charles. I will love you for all eternity. I miss you so much. This should not have happened and we will find answers. Love you. See you soon my love. Lyn.

  2. Don and Andrea Boitson

    Chuck – Thank you for being an awesome Brother, Brother-in-Law and Uncle. I will always have the wonderful memories of all the fun times we had together – at our home and at the farm. Even though once in a while we wreaked some havoc too!

    We couldn’t have been happier for you when you met the love of your life, Lyn. You were an amazing husband, and father to Carly and we were so proud to see you all grow together.

    Your respect for nature has taught us a lot and will always be a guiding value from you in our lives. We are truly blessed by your courage, strength and trust in those around you and you will always be in our hearts.

    We miss you although we will hold on to you forever.

    Love Don, Andrea, Ashley Meghan and Matthew

  3. Lisa Eccles

    Chuck you left this world way too soon and way too young You will be missed

  4. Lisa Eccles

    Chuck you left this world way too soon and way too young You will be missed

  5. Barb Boitson

    I think often of all of our adventures when we were kids. So many good times. You were taken much too soon, dear cousin. Watch over Lyn and Carly. Til we meet again.

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