Edmond Leon Dufresne

It is with sadness that the family, friends and community of Elie wish to announce that Edmond Leon Dufresne passed away peacefully on October 17, 2019, at the age of 93.  We are grateful that his suffering has ended and that he has now gone to meet his Lord and Saviour.

Edmond is survived by his sister, Elenne Dufresne, of Penticton and numerous nieces and nephews throughout Canada and the USA.  He was predeceased by his two sisters, Claire Patry and Jeanette Gauvin, as well as his three brothers, George, Arthur and Charles Dufresne.

Edmond is one of the few residents who was born in Elie and chose to reside there his entire life.  Being a direct descendant of Elie Dufresne has caused him to truly cherish his heritage.  He has always honoured and treasured the family homestead and has often been quoted to say that “working the land has been the only love of his life”.  He saw technology change from horses to modern machinery and was always buying the latest new equipment.  His passion for the land and the miracle of new life invigorated him at the first sign of spring.  Edmond couldn’t wait to hit those fields again after a winter of rest.  He quietly relished summer and the growth of a new crop.  He loved his garden and always shared his abundant vegetable crops with family and neighbours.   Harvest was a special time for reaping and rejoicing in the blessings that flowed through the combines.  Fall for him was a new beginning, as he nurtured the ground to rejuvenate it, once again looking forward to next year’s crop.  Yes, Edmond truly enjoyed all of our four seasons. 

As his crops quietly matured day by day and year after year, so too did his faith grow. Edmond cared and prepared himself for eternity.  He was a faithful Sunday mass attendant and regularly received the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist.  Edmond prayed the rosary every night, as he listened along with the radio.  He nurtured his soul like he nurtured the land that God entrusted to him.

Edmond served on many different committees in his community over the years.  Among them were the Credit Union Board, Manitoba Pool Elevators Board of Directors, Knights of Columbus, and Parish Council.  He was always very concerned about the church, graveyard and township and liked to be involved in important decisions.    

For those of us who got to know who Edmond really was, we can say that “he was like a fine wine, he mellowed with age”.

His funeral service will be held at the Elie Blessed Sacrament Church on October 24, 2019 at 11:30 a.m., with internment to follow.

“Well done, good and faithful Servant”

“Eternal rest, grant to him O Lord… “

Arrangements entrusted to:  Interlake Cremation & Memorial Services

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