Traditional Service

Professional & Staff Services

  • Basic overhead, Funeral Director and staff services
  • Obtaining necessary permits/documentation

Facilities, Staff & Equipment

  • Basic services and overhead, including utilities, fees, licenses, taxes, insurance and staff salaries
  • Services of Funeral Directors and staff in arranging and directing funeral ceremony

Automotive Equipment

  • Use of automobile to transfer deceased to the funeral home (within 50 km)
  • Use of automobile to transfer to cemetery
  • Transportation of clergy, flowers and equipment

Preparation of Deceased

  • Embalming of deceased
  • Cosmetology, dressing, care and placement in the casket of choice

Stationery Package

  • Register book and pen
  • Thank-you cards
  • 100 custom memorial cards

Total Package Price: $2985

This service does not include: merchandise, containers or urns, clothing, flowers, receptions, publishing cost of obituaries, other merchandise, cemetery costs or sales tax.